Dear to partners, customers and investors,

After 10 years of WTO accession, Vietnam’s economy has prospered with the clarity and integration with the development of world economy, the growth rate of Vietnam which GDP reached an average at 7.6% per year - second only to China - and became a focal point which many local and foreign investors are interesed in this due to the proper reformed and opened policies of government.
With the orientation of sustainable economic development, needs of investment development in building infrastructure system and civil engineering in Vietnam is inevitable, should be accelerated quickly, especially remarkable interest is the fields of offices, shopping centers and housing which are a growing trend in major cities over the country. Under the gravity of the real estate sector, several projects have been being formed, developed by local and foriegn investors with abundant resources, contributing to positive change of the urban Vietnam, however, the business market is becoming more intense competition.

Being a new company entering the market, Vinhtien Real also understands the challenges and risks of the current field of investment real estate. Therefore, after sevelral years of accumulation in experience, assets and resources, Vinhtien Real was officially launched in 2007 with the quote “Good Quality – Beautiful home”. Based on the development of new technologies and proven principles of action: “Respect for Human and Friendly to Nature Enviroment,” one of the important mission is to provide our products with good low-cost and most suitable, most friendly to people and society. This is not the demands of the research, careful evaluation of the management team that how Real Vinhtien’s calculation has to meet effectiveness and more importantly, the positive support from the market to set the foundation for a large market size in the near future.

During the past time, by coordinating with experient strategic partners in conjunction with the convergence of talents from home and abroad with the ongoing efforts of staff, Vinhtien Real amassed thousands billion of assets worth are real estate and furthermore being the business is ready to develop large scale projects for benecifiary of middle-income people in Hochiminh city. Besides, more than 30 years of Vinh Tien Company’s prestige, Vinhtien Real can develop our land fund quickly and efficiently  to meet the development needs of output  market with larger scale.

By the collective power and community interests, we will make every effort to bring the boat of Vinhtien Real in the right direction, efficient and sustainable business and we commit to bring real  most effective and practiced value to investors, clients and families.

Yours sincerely,

Vo Tan Loc
General Director