Highest quality, lowest cost: this is not only the differences in the business strategy of Vinhtien Land but also the factors that creates satisfaction for consumers who are final users to the standarded products by our company. This is the criteria for Vinhtien Real to create credibility and develop the market in high-speed.

Multiform and friendly: Diversify choice and create a friendly feeling to living space, convenient in community services, counseling services and financial support as well as using fmaterials to be friendly with environment under high economic such as 3D, Light Concrete, Precast ... .. which will help  Vinhtien  Real becomes “Strategic partners” of people and society.

Facilities of community, Rasing living standards: to help creating a better living space in a small scaled society which is healthy, civilized and friendly. This factor creates  positive impacts for the environment, community relations and social security.

Socialize and globalize: to help reducing costs of investment, operation and management to improve business efficiency. Create the sympathy and trust with partners and customers